Only Lil Wayne… Gets into Brawl at “Stop the Violence” Charity Basketball Game

19-lil-wayne.w529.h529.2xThe irony is real.

Lil Wayne got into a brawl at the “Stop The Violence” Charity Basketball Game. The basketball game was supposed to be about putting “a stop to the violence” but clearly Wayne didn’t get the memo.

Lil Wayne didn’t agree to the ref’s calls in the match his “Young Money” team was competing in. So, this is how he handled that disagreement. He SPIT on the ref in retaliation and charged the court. Excuse the fact it’s hard to see with his 5’6 frame as a mob surrounds him post spit.


So much for stopping the violence…


uhf9ksW5pw1x8VYA_y0zD0X4jMz5BiQLQ3BD921IOP4Taylor Kiss

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