Exclusive! MCM: Dante Pettis

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.13.36 PM
Sideline cutie goes to… Dante Pettis. Photo: Daily Exposure

MCM MONDAZE. It’s that time again!

Meet TCD’s MCM this week: Dante Pettis!

Aka the next OBJ. Yeah, we said it.

Pettis is a sophomore WR at the University of Washington. Besides starting for UW as a freshie and playing in 13 of 14 games last season, this kid also managed to tally the first punt return for a touchdown by a Husky since 2003 with an 87-yarder. Need me to repeat? AS A FRESHMAN. 87 yards. He totaled over 250 yards his past season, but remember he’s still young! If you didn’t have your eye on this one before, we suggest you do!

The kid is a baller no doubt. And basketball? Please, he’s already been dunking since high school. Baseball? Well, DUH. No surprise since his father Gary Pettis, is a multiple time golden glove winner as well as the current third base coach of the Houston Astros.

Now all we have to do to get Pettis on OBJ’s level is give him some soccer gloves… Well, and maybe a few more years! This cutie gave us some insight into his world including what he listens to before a game and something you wouldn’t know about him. (Brace yourself for how cute it is, seriously.)

Keep doing what you’re doing D-Mainy, because we’re all loving it over here at TCD!

Time for you peeps to meet…

MCM: Dante Pettis!


Thanks Dante for letting us in to your life & we can’t wait to see the numbers you put up this season for the Huskies! Go Dawgs!

Until Next Time,



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