carly 3

Hey guys, I’m Carly!

I’m twenty-three years young and I’ve put in my time at Colorado State University, University of Florida and am currently working towards a nursing degree at Austin Peay University with a minor in journalism. My mom raised a fine lady but my dad raised a whiskey-drinking spitfire that can shoot a beer can out of your hand from 150 yards out. But don’t worry, I won’t do it without your permission. My perfect sports day would be the Packers beating the Bears, Ducks beating the Blackhawks and Notre Dame wiping the floor with USC. Sorry Taylor.
I have been in the medical field helping boarded doctors publish their articles and journals for the past year down in Florida, co-manage an opinion-based blog and avidly keep up with my sports game. Try me out for stats, I like a good knockout round.

Carly Kiss

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