Hey YO(u), I’m Hailey!

I’m 24 years young & graduated from the University of Arizona a couple years ago. I received my undergraduate degree with a major in Communications and a minor in Business. Besides that piece of paper, I did graduate with Honors achievements in Partying from the school of “Playboy” & “BroBible”.

Thankfully, I have never had to give up my obsessions with heels (yes, I’m one of those crazy girls that actually likes to wear them), because to this day I’m still closing deals in heels. 😉

As I like to say, my life is based on the F words: family, friends, faith, & fun. And yes, from time to time I may slip up and hear a different F word come out of my mouth (woops).
Not only was I an athlete, but I have come to realize that sports are a part of my everyday life. Competitive is an understatement; it runs in my blood. Call me a ‘catch’ if you will. There is some irony in that analogy. And that’s because I do lack in one area, that being hand-eye coordination. And by lack, I mean I have NONE. So fine, you can beat me there.

Now when it comes to The Coach’s Daughters™, don’t take yourself (or me) too seriously.

Instagram: hschellin
Twitter: HMSchellin


Hailey Kiss

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